the twenty-something braid.

unless you’re a five year old girl my guess is you haven’t been rocking braids for quite some time. katniss everdeen however, is apparently ahead of the trends. celebs, fashion icons, designers, catholic school girls & everyone in between have brought about the rebirth of the braid. & a normal braid will no longer do. the genius behind the new messy bun is the simplicity to instantly dress it up to beyond sexy, or to dress it down for an actually easy “just rolled out of bed” look. my personal fave would have to be the fishtail braid. i’ve seen it everywhere from the red carpet to classrooms. the simple key is making it messy, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry, or trying it out for the first time. always be sure to pull out a facial framing strands & strands in the braid itself to get a look that can truly go from day to night.

how to:

1. section your hair into 2 even sections.

2. bring a piece of hair from the far left over to the right section of the hair.

3. bring a piece of hair from the far right over to the left section of the hair.

4. repeat steps 2&3 until you’re happy with the braid.

5. mess it up as needed.

while the fishtail is my personal favorite, waterfall braids are perfect to wear with your hair down to have that loved beach ready look. a single french braid will forever be a classic & can look instantly chic with a headband.

helpful hint:  fishtail&french braids are perfect for creating the ever stylish and always craved beach waves.

kim kardashian, leona lewis& ashley tisdale show how to rock the fishtail braid.

stay fabulous,