my dream outfits.

at my bp fashion board meeting last night we were discussing bp’s 2 “what we stand for” trends this month. the 2 that they’re focusing on are “simply charmed” & “happy glow lucky”. simply charmed is as girly, feminine & french as it comes. this is the perfect look for the girl that loves the peter pan collars, skirts, pleats & pastels. while roaming pintrest i found my dream “simply charmed” look.

i positively love this outfit. especially the baby pink skirt. this is my dream “simply charmed” look. i think it could look cute without the blazer & even with a sheer, white button down with a little collar.

onto “happy glow lucky”. as i’ve mentioned in just about every post prior to this neon is going to be huge. this is where “happy glow lucky” comes into play. please, i am begging you to not go decked out in the cheapest looking neon you can find. below is my dream “happy glow lucky” outfit, & just my dream outfit in general.

i love positively every little thing about this outfit, mostly the heels&skirt are my favorite. this outfit is the perfect example of neon perfection. it isn’t over the top, it’s super stylish and classy. you are guaranteed to turn heads in an outfit like this.

both of these outfits are beyond fab & perfect for this months trends. these are the perfect ways to wear a feminine or neon look without going over the top & turning a perfectly good “do” into an absolutely horrid “don’t”.

stay fabulous & be sure to post any pictures of you rocking “simply charmed” or “happy glow lucky” looks!



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