DIY flats.

while scouring pintrest i found the most adorable DIY pair of flats. it’s so incredibly simple&so incredibly chic. i know for a fact that i am CONSTANTLY looking for a pair of flats that are a little different than everyone else’s & i’ve found a pair that is just that. you start off with a pair of the most basic flats (i’d recommend a nice nude, but black could look super cute as well). target has the most basic flats for literally $15. these are beyond perfect for this DIY just in case you happen to mess up (impossible) or if you don’t like them (also impossible). below are the instructions in a picture of how to create these super cute flats.

things you’ll need: flats, spray paint (use floral spray paint for it to be even less likely to chip), packing tape & a towel.

step 1:

gather supplies needed. (in the example they use heels, personally i prefer flats, but both look adorable).

step 2:

tape shoes. where you do not tape is where the color will end up being. be sure to tape the soles to in order to gain a nice, even finish. the taping part is the most crucial step so be sure to take the time to do it correctly!

step 3:

be sure to cover the rest of your shoe with an old towel. apply 2-3 coats of spray paint outside. (do not add more than 3 coats or else the paint will chip)!

step 4:

end with super cute, new, neon tipped flats!

since neon is super in this summer, neon tips are absolutely perfect. pastels/easter colors would also look adorable if the neon looks a little too much for you.

finished product:

(idea taken from

enjoy making these flats that nobody else will have. they look incredibly chic & add the perfect pop of color to any outfit!

stay fabulous,



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