the art of vintage shopping.

this weekend i discovered a whole new shopping obsession that has me beyond thrilled and my bank account beyond depleted. i went to the fremont market in seattle and was walking in&out of the little vintage, antique and thrift stores that litter the streets when i fell head over heels in love. i was already finding my shopping trip a little depressing since i was forced to save my money to get my hair died, but when i walked into the vintage mall in fremont i saw the most gorgeous vintage chloe bag. for those of you that are fashionably inept chloe bags are to die for & northward of the $1,500 mark. & there i was 3 inches away from a chloe bag with a price tag of a mere $78. that was the moment i fell in love with vintage shopping. at that moment i realized my past sixteen years of shopping had all been a waste as i was missing out on the most incredible experience. needless to say the gorgeous, supple, buttery tan leather was breathless and if it hadn’t been for the fact that i’d been saving to get an ombre done for about three months i would have bought that bag right then and there. even as i’m writing this i’m wondering whether it would have been worth it to throw away my savings and wait another month or two to get my hair done just to have that bag, and part of me is seriously wishing i had.

vintage shopping is my new favorite pastime. for all the clothes that i found displeasing, it was worth it for the few complete treasures that i did find. vintage shopping isn’t for everyone though, it takes a considerable amount of patience to sift through dozens&dozens of racks of okay clothing to find that one piece you didn’t even realize you were looking for. you also have to keep in mind the fit&style of the era. there were a million pieces that i adored but when i tried them on i realized that a fit that would have been perfect for the 70’s was severely outdated&unflattering in 2012. i also found that most of the clothes&shoes are smaller sizes, something to keep in mind to avoid getting beyond frustrated when every dress or heel you pick up is two sizes too small! i found a gorgeous hi-lo dress, several chunky knit cardigans & millions of brooches, bags & scarves that had me wishing i had infinite funds.

i highly encourage all of you to venture into the most hipster neighborhoods of your cities & scour the thrift, vintage & antique stores. you’re guaranteed to find something breathtakingly amazing at such a steal, & something that nobody else will have.

stay fabulous,



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