summer essentials.

with summer right around the corner, you’re bound to be out of the office&out of the classroom a little more than usual. so say so long to the drab office clothing, or if you’re like me the blackwatch plaid uni & say hello to the fabulous trends of summer 2012. there’s no question that europe is far more superior when it comes to fashion, & these trends are blowing up in our neighbors to the east. maybe by summer 2013 the rest of the fashionably challenged US will catch on, but for now you’re left to pioneer these fabulous trends in your american city.

firstly, lets set it straight, as previously mentioned in “throwback fashion” neon is HUGE for the summer. other colors that are super in right now are: red, yellow&gold. so say hasta la vista to the drab, monotones of silver&gray & the blaring oranges that were the color do’s of winter 2011 & fully embrace the sunny hues that will brighten your day & the sexy reds that will grab everyone’s attention. red can be a tricky color to pull off, especially if you are still trapped in your cubicle. but this season it’s all in. red dresses, red lipstick, red nails, red everything&anything are your new “go-to’s”.

blake lively,angelina jolie&cheryl cole all show how to look stunning&dazzling in this summers newest color.

yellow can be another tricky color to pull off, every shade of yellow under the sun is in right now from a sorbet lemon to neon yellow, so find the hue that works for you & rock it. pair your yellow apparel with a neutral beige or else sport the ever trending neon look by pairing it with neon pink. gucci spring/summer 2012 was filled with gold & it’s a super chic&classy color if done correctly. dress up your lbd or spice up your red with some gold accessories & draw inspiration from the 70’s.

models from gucci spring/summer 2012 show how to incorporate a gold 70’s inspired look in the 21st century.

on to actual trends, there are 4 ones that have me obsessed. the first would be ankle socks. they can look absolutely adorable&age appropriate when worn with heels&a mini. they create the perfect sweet&edgy look that can be almost impossible to create.

the second trend that has me obsessed would be minis&maxis(think extremes) both are perfect for summer whether you’re trying for the boho chic(a la maxi) or if you happen to have amazing legs(a la mini). when it comes to skirt lengths, go north or south because midis have gone out with the snow.

selena gomez shows how to flaunt your tanned&toned legs while staying classy.

the likes of vanessa hudgens&ashley tisdale show how to create the perfect boho, beachy vibe.

the third trend is absolutely perfect for summer& those of us that happen to be pale. over-sized hats are so in & give you an instant shot of glam. the great thing about an over-sized hat is it can be played off as demur with sunglasses on the street or can be the perfect accessory when lounging by the pool.

vanessa hudgens, blake lively&kimmy k all show you how to rock the big, floppy hat from the casual, beachwear to the streets of NYC.

the fourth&final trend that i’m head over heels in love with would be 20’s cocktail attire. it’s beyond perfect for all those summer weddings you’re bound to be attending & why not channel your inner daisy buchanan? you’ll look super pulled together, classic&stylish by getting inspired by 20’s cocktail attire.

models at ralph lauren show how to take inspiration from the 1920’s to become a modern day daisy.

those are my favorite color&clothing trends for summer 2012. take some fashion risks&head out in the latest european trends. you’re bound to have a fabulously fashionable summer by trying out these colors&styles.

stay fabulous,



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