hi, my name’s kelda&i’m a shoe addict.

if i could spend all my money on shoes i would, no question. i spend hours scouring websites, walking through the shoe departments&looking at other peoples shoes & i always fall in love with millions of pairs. while i’m a sucker for absolutely any shoe whether it be sperry’s, sandals, or sneakers my absolute to die for style are any pair of heels. of course, with my 5’9″ frame, i tend to lack opportunities to wear heels without looking like a baby giraffe but i manage&suffer having to constantly look down on people, after all beauty costs. if i had unlimited funds, or had the ability to save my money instead of always going on my weekly retail therapy trip, i would buy louboutins. ever since that day 10 years ago when i saw my first pair of red soled shoes i’ve been in love. &i’m beyond obsessed with these 3 wild,edgy&gorgeous heels below:

i saw this pair years ago&instantly fell in love. only christian louboutin could create a pair of  heels made entirely from trash&make them look chic. this pair in particular is decorated with pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled notes, sequins&fabric swatches all from seasons past.

i’m obsessed with anything that sparkles, so naturally i died when i saw these. i seriously think i would cry if i ever got my hands on a pair of louboutins like this, there’s something about his shoes that make me fall in love with every single pair&only he can design shoes like this & have them look undeniably flawless&stunning.

while these heels aren’t louboutins, i still love the genius behind it&think they’re bananas. i admire any girl that can wear these without teeter-tottering around.

i’m not the only girl with an obsession for heels, specifically louboutins. kim kardashian not only shares my obsession but also has the digits to support that obsession.

i’m crazy jealous as my two favorite kinds of heels are any bright color&sparkles. when i saw these pictures of her shoe closet i honestly thought i’d died&gone to heaven.

stay fabulous & remember for all those painstaking days spent in heels, beauty costs&you look 10x more amazing with an extra 4″,



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