throwback fashion.

when most people think of 80’s&90’s fashion they cringe at the thought of light wash denim, mom jeans, denim on denim, neon everything & leg warmers. i wasn’t even there for the majority of those fashion “don’t”s & even i know that it would be total social suicide to wear any of those in 2012. don’t dismiss the total genius of all of the trends sported decades ago though. they’re making a major comeback. don’t worry, mom jeans will never ever be featured as a fashion “do” in any magazine. however denim on denim & neon, both of which are synonymous with 80’s&90’s fashion, are a major trend for the summer. be careful wearing these trends though, they have to worn with style in order to make them classy & not look like you’re trapped in a time warp. for denim on denim, never wear all one shade. mix it up with a light wash chambray shirt & dark wash jeans or a white denim jacket with colored denim shorts. make sure the shades are different enough so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit-something i sincerely hope is never ever invented. if you aren’t used to wearing denim except for jeans, you may want to start off wearing a chambray shirt or a denim jacket without denim on bottom & then as you become accustomed try out the denim on denim trend.  now onto neon. to avoid looking like a middle schooler on the way to an 80’s theme dance, you will have to spend more money to get higher quality&classy neon, an essential to avoid looking cheap. this trend, like denim on denim, can be a lot to pull off if you aren’t one to take fashion risks. start off simple with a neon, cross-body bag- a statement piece that is small enough to make any simple t-shirt&jeans look pop. if you’re a fashion risk taker this is your chance to be noticed. a neon body-con dress is sure to grab attention, just be sure you’re ready for such a bold statement. for those of you looking to rock the neon trend at the office or in the classroom; there are numerous accessories that are the perfect addition to any outfit. a skinny neon belt, neon v-neck or a neon bandeau under a white, sleeveless button down are the perfect way to subtly weave in the neon trend. denim-on-denim & neon are going to be huge&fabulous trends this summer, be sure to get in on the fun! just make sure that you wear them correctly to avoid looking like you’re stuck in the 80’s&90’s-that’s a good look for no one. go look gorgeous this summer in these trends!

alexa chung, charlize theron & ashley tisdale all show you how to rock the double denim look without looking like you’re stuck in the 80’s&90’s.

j-lo&leona lewis pull off the neon look, keeping it bold&sexy.

stay fabulous,



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