summer fest fashion.

coachella, stagecoach, sasquatch, bumbershoot, sxsw. spring&summer are filled with music festivals, every city has their own & every summer they’re filled with the upcoming fashion trends. while most people go to see the music, whether it be indie, country, hip hop or anything else, the people that attend dress with trends you’re bound to see in the seasons to come. department store buyers actually attend music festivals purely for the fashion. this music fest season you’re bound to see crop tops, fringe, denim cut offs, chambray, colored denim & denim jackets. needless to say, stock up on denim essentials before heading to any music festival. listed below are tips on how to achieve your perfect summer music festival look.

option 1: for the understated, kristen stewart wannabe, this is your look. start with the basics: denim cutoffs, a loose boyfriend fit white t-shirt & gladiators.  take this look one step further by wearing colored denim cutoffs.

cutoffs:  billabong, lovvah shorts.

this is a perfect, casual&comfy look-especially if you’ll be outside all day.this is also the perfect outfit to rock the “twenty-something” braid :)

option 2: for the country obsessed, carrie underwood wannabe this is your look. start with your simple: white, cotton sun dress; add a chambray button down & cowboy booties.

chambray shirt:nordstrom, bp.

nordstrom bp is also set to get in some amazing colored chambray shirts this summer that would be perfect to modernize this look.

cowboy booties: dsw.

either leave the chambray shirt open or tie it a la britney spears baby one more time

this is the perfect look for the modern western girl. wear your hair in loose waves & you’re all set.

option 3: the perfect look for the edgy, rhi-rhi wannabe. start with printed denim shorts, white wife beater, denim vest & sandals.

shorts: nordstrom, bp.

nordstrom bp is set to come in with a couple different denim vests in june & they will be absolutely perfect!

shoes wise, either wear flat sandals, or if you’re up to it wedges would complete the look perfectly!

option 4: for the classy, young kate middleton wannabe this is your perfect look. to look adorable&classy at any music fest keep it simple. start with some bright shorts&a basic silky tank.

shorts: nordstrom, bp.

tank: nordstrom, bp.

add some sansals& a simple, long necklace, sleek, basic ponytail & you’re all set!

option 5: for the boho chic, nicole richie wannabe this is your look. start with a hi-lo skirt, the new maxi skirt & all the rage.with a white crochet tank tucked in at the front, paired with some wedges & beachy waves & you’re all set for a day at any music fest.

skirt: nordstrom, bp.

summer music fests are a total blast, both for the music & to spot all the upcoming fashion trends. if you go to a music fest & see some fabulous trends, accessories or styles comment below :)

stay fabulous,



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