my dream outfits.

at my bp fashion board meeting last night we were discussing bp’s 2 “what we stand for” trends this month. the 2 that they’re focusing on are “simply charmed” & “happy glow lucky”. simply charmed is as girly, feminine & french as it comes. this is the perfect look for the girl that loves the peter pan collars, skirts, pleats & pastels. while roaming pintrest i found my dream “simply charmed” look.

i positively love this outfit. especially the baby pink skirt. this is my dream “simply charmed” look. i think it could look cute without the blazer & even with a sheer, white button down with a little collar.

onto “happy glow lucky”. as i’ve mentioned in just about every post prior to this neon is going to be huge. this is where “happy glow lucky” comes into play. please, i am begging you to not go decked out in the cheapest looking neon you can find. below is my dream “happy glow lucky” outfit, & just my dream outfit in general.

i love positively every little thing about this outfit, mostly the heels&skirt are my favorite. this outfit is the perfect example of neon perfection. it isn’t over the top, it’s super stylish and classy. you are guaranteed to turn heads in an outfit like this.

both of these outfits are beyond fab & perfect for this months trends. these are the perfect ways to wear a feminine or neon look without going over the top & turning a perfectly good “do” into an absolutely horrid “don’t”.

stay fabulous & be sure to post any pictures of you rocking “simply charmed” or “happy glow lucky” looks!



DIY flats.

while scouring pintrest i found the most adorable DIY pair of flats. it’s so incredibly simple&so incredibly chic. i know for a fact that i am CONSTANTLY looking for a pair of flats that are a little different than everyone else’s & i’ve found a pair that is just that. you start off with a pair of the most basic flats (i’d recommend a nice nude, but black could look super cute as well). target has the most basic flats for literally $15. these are beyond perfect for this DIY just in case you happen to mess up (impossible) or if you don’t like them (also impossible). below are the instructions in a picture of how to create these super cute flats.

things you’ll need: flats, spray paint (use floral spray paint for it to be even less likely to chip), packing tape & a towel.

step 1:

gather supplies needed. (in the example they use heels, personally i prefer flats, but both look adorable).

step 2:

tape shoes. where you do not tape is where the color will end up being. be sure to tape the soles to in order to gain a nice, even finish. the taping part is the most crucial step so be sure to take the time to do it correctly!

step 3:

be sure to cover the rest of your shoe with an old towel. apply 2-3 coats of spray paint outside. (do not add more than 3 coats or else the paint will chip)!

step 4:

end with super cute, new, neon tipped flats!

since neon is super in this summer, neon tips are absolutely perfect. pastels/easter colors would also look adorable if the neon looks a little too much for you.

finished product:

(idea taken from

enjoy making these flats that nobody else will have. they look incredibly chic & add the perfect pop of color to any outfit!

stay fabulous,


the art of vintage shopping.

this weekend i discovered a whole new shopping obsession that has me beyond thrilled and my bank account beyond depleted. i went to the fremont market in seattle and was walking in&out of the little vintage, antique and thrift stores that litter the streets when i fell head over heels in love. i was already finding my shopping trip a little depressing since i was forced to save my money to get my hair died, but when i walked into the vintage mall in fremont i saw the most gorgeous vintage chloe bag. for those of you that are fashionably inept chloe bags are to die for & northward of the $1,500 mark. & there i was 3 inches away from a chloe bag with a price tag of a mere $78. that was the moment i fell in love with vintage shopping. at that moment i realized my past sixteen years of shopping had all been a waste as i was missing out on the most incredible experience. needless to say the gorgeous, supple, buttery tan leather was breathless and if it hadn’t been for the fact that i’d been saving to get an ombre done for about three months i would have bought that bag right then and there. even as i’m writing this i’m wondering whether it would have been worth it to throw away my savings and wait another month or two to get my hair done just to have that bag, and part of me is seriously wishing i had.

vintage shopping is my new favorite pastime. for all the clothes that i found displeasing, it was worth it for the few complete treasures that i did find. vintage shopping isn’t for everyone though, it takes a considerable amount of patience to sift through dozens&dozens of racks of okay clothing to find that one piece you didn’t even realize you were looking for. you also have to keep in mind the fit&style of the era. there were a million pieces that i adored but when i tried them on i realized that a fit that would have been perfect for the 70’s was severely outdated&unflattering in 2012. i also found that most of the clothes&shoes are smaller sizes, something to keep in mind to avoid getting beyond frustrated when every dress or heel you pick up is two sizes too small! i found a gorgeous hi-lo dress, several chunky knit cardigans & millions of brooches, bags & scarves that had me wishing i had infinite funds.

i highly encourage all of you to venture into the most hipster neighborhoods of your cities & scour the thrift, vintage & antique stores. you’re guaranteed to find something breathtakingly amazing at such a steal, & something that nobody else will have.

stay fabulous,


give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world.

confidence. some people exude it, & others never truly see & appreciate their beauty, potential&”fabulousity”. i honestly believe that every girl has the power to change someones life. & if you’ve changed someones life, you’ve changed the world, something more than anyone could ever ask for. marilyn monroe once said “give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world”, this has since become my mantra. everyday we’re told “no”, “you can’t”, “don’t bother”, “you’re not good enough” but when was the last time that someone said “go for it”, “i believe in you”. my whole life i’ve heard more “no’s” than “yes’s” & i’ve decided to ignore them all. to ignore all the people that told me i couldn’t do something, that it would fail, that i would fail. because there’s nothing that i love more than proving someone wrong & i’m determined to prove every single person that’s ever told me “no” wrong. you should do the same. there are so many talented&amazing people around me & everyday i see them doubt themselves, lose their confidence & give up & i wonder why? i’ll admit, i wasn’t always confident, i’m still not, there are days when i think, “why would i be able to make a difference”? it’s those days that i have to remind myself “give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world” every single girl has the ability to do what she pleases, to make the change she wants, to be whomever she wishes to be. she just has to find those shoes that will enable her to do so. every person has a benefactor that they either take for granted, don’t realize they have, or use to their benefit. it’s up to you to find what your shoes are & don’t let them go to waste, use them, flaunt them & strut so that you will conquer the world. the world would be a much better place if people took the time to focus on everything they can do. everything they should do. everything they want to do. everything they hope to do. i honestly believe that every single girl will change the world if she takes the time to find her shoes, after all you would never leave a pair of loubitouns sitting in your wardrobe. so find your right shoes&conquer the world.. everyone has the ability to overcome the “no’s”, “you can’t”‘s, & be sure to never put anyone else down because they have just as much beauty, potential&”fabulosity” as you do.

stay fabulous,


summer essentials.

with summer right around the corner, you’re bound to be out of the office&out of the classroom a little more than usual. so say so long to the drab office clothing, or if you’re like me the blackwatch plaid uni & say hello to the fabulous trends of summer 2012. there’s no question that europe is far more superior when it comes to fashion, & these trends are blowing up in our neighbors to the east. maybe by summer 2013 the rest of the fashionably challenged US will catch on, but for now you’re left to pioneer these fabulous trends in your american city.

firstly, lets set it straight, as previously mentioned in “throwback fashion” neon is HUGE for the summer. other colors that are super in right now are: red, yellow&gold. so say hasta la vista to the drab, monotones of silver&gray & the blaring oranges that were the color do’s of winter 2011 & fully embrace the sunny hues that will brighten your day & the sexy reds that will grab everyone’s attention. red can be a tricky color to pull off, especially if you are still trapped in your cubicle. but this season it’s all in. red dresses, red lipstick, red nails, red everything&anything are your new “go-to’s”.

blake lively,angelina jolie&cheryl cole all show how to look stunning&dazzling in this summers newest color.

yellow can be another tricky color to pull off, every shade of yellow under the sun is in right now from a sorbet lemon to neon yellow, so find the hue that works for you & rock it. pair your yellow apparel with a neutral beige or else sport the ever trending neon look by pairing it with neon pink. gucci spring/summer 2012 was filled with gold & it’s a super chic&classy color if done correctly. dress up your lbd or spice up your red with some gold accessories & draw inspiration from the 70’s.

models from gucci spring/summer 2012 show how to incorporate a gold 70’s inspired look in the 21st century.

on to actual trends, there are 4 ones that have me obsessed. the first would be ankle socks. they can look absolutely adorable&age appropriate when worn with heels&a mini. they create the perfect sweet&edgy look that can be almost impossible to create.

the second trend that has me obsessed would be minis&maxis(think extremes) both are perfect for summer whether you’re trying for the boho chic(a la maxi) or if you happen to have amazing legs(a la mini). when it comes to skirt lengths, go north or south because midis have gone out with the snow.

selena gomez shows how to flaunt your tanned&toned legs while staying classy.

the likes of vanessa hudgens&ashley tisdale show how to create the perfect boho, beachy vibe.

the third trend is absolutely perfect for summer& those of us that happen to be pale. over-sized hats are so in & give you an instant shot of glam. the great thing about an over-sized hat is it can be played off as demur with sunglasses on the street or can be the perfect accessory when lounging by the pool.

vanessa hudgens, blake lively&kimmy k all show you how to rock the big, floppy hat from the casual, beachwear to the streets of NYC.

the fourth&final trend that i’m head over heels in love with would be 20’s cocktail attire. it’s beyond perfect for all those summer weddings you’re bound to be attending & why not channel your inner daisy buchanan? you’ll look super pulled together, classic&stylish by getting inspired by 20’s cocktail attire.

models at ralph lauren show how to take inspiration from the 1920’s to become a modern day daisy.

those are my favorite color&clothing trends for summer 2012. take some fashion risks&head out in the latest european trends. you’re bound to have a fabulously fashionable summer by trying out these colors&styles.

stay fabulous,


hi, my name’s kelda&i’m a shoe addict.

if i could spend all my money on shoes i would, no question. i spend hours scouring websites, walking through the shoe departments&looking at other peoples shoes & i always fall in love with millions of pairs. while i’m a sucker for absolutely any shoe whether it be sperry’s, sandals, or sneakers my absolute to die for style are any pair of heels. of course, with my 5’9″ frame, i tend to lack opportunities to wear heels without looking like a baby giraffe but i manage&suffer having to constantly look down on people, after all beauty costs. if i had unlimited funds, or had the ability to save my money instead of always going on my weekly retail therapy trip, i would buy louboutins. ever since that day 10 years ago when i saw my first pair of red soled shoes i’ve been in love. &i’m beyond obsessed with these 3 wild,edgy&gorgeous heels below:

i saw this pair years ago&instantly fell in love. only christian louboutin could create a pair of  heels made entirely from trash&make them look chic. this pair in particular is decorated with pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled notes, sequins&fabric swatches all from seasons past.

i’m obsessed with anything that sparkles, so naturally i died when i saw these. i seriously think i would cry if i ever got my hands on a pair of louboutins like this, there’s something about his shoes that make me fall in love with every single pair&only he can design shoes like this & have them look undeniably flawless&stunning.

while these heels aren’t louboutins, i still love the genius behind it&think they’re bananas. i admire any girl that can wear these without teeter-tottering around.

i’m not the only girl with an obsession for heels, specifically louboutins. kim kardashian not only shares my obsession but also has the digits to support that obsession.

i’m crazy jealous as my two favorite kinds of heels are any bright color&sparkles. when i saw these pictures of her shoe closet i honestly thought i’d died&gone to heaven.

stay fabulous & remember for all those painstaking days spent in heels, beauty costs&you look 10x more amazing with an extra 4″,


you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

it’s hardly a new saying, i’ve heard it since i was a little girl & i’ve always believed in it. obviously, that new marc jacobs bag or those ever classic tory burch flats might pull together the perfect outfit, but without your presence, it all goes to waste. even the classiest & best dressed woman can ruin a million dollar outfit with a frown. audrey hepburn once said “i believe that happiest girls are the prettiest girls” & this is one hundred percent true. while i am in a constant love affair with clothes, i’m not naive enough to believe that clothes make the outfit. style goes far beyond being able to spot trends, pull off the latest fashion risk & being able to look pulled together. style comes from how you carry yourself. every classy woman knows how to carry herself with grace, dignity& a flawless smile. coco chanel herself once said “a woman should be two things:classy&fabulous” which in itself is the essence of style. i honestly believe that style has almost nothing to do with clothing, but rather your confidence, presence&attitude. a woman dressed to the nines could have positively no style, simply because she has no idea how to carry herself. the simplicity of a smile is something that so many people these days seem to forget. they’re losing the meaning of life, they’re losing their style. by getting lost in the mindless details of life & forgetting to stop&look around. people seem to forget all the positive things that happen to them & narrow in on every little thing that goes wrong. the world has developed a “glass half empty” motto and left the optimists in the minority. so the next time you do your mirror check before you leave your apartment or car, make sure you smile, because happiest girls are the prettiest & you’re never fully dressed without a smile. i can guarantee that you will look 10x better, feel 10x better & make 10x as many people’s days if you flash your pearly whites.

stay fabulous & remember “her life improved dramatically when she decided to break the rules & find beauty where she’d been told there was none.”


throwback fashion.

when most people think of 80’s&90’s fashion they cringe at the thought of light wash denim, mom jeans, denim on denim, neon everything & leg warmers. i wasn’t even there for the majority of those fashion “don’t”s & even i know that it would be total social suicide to wear any of those in 2012. don’t dismiss the total genius of all of the trends sported decades ago though. they’re making a major comeback. don’t worry, mom jeans will never ever be featured as a fashion “do” in any magazine. however denim on denim & neon, both of which are synonymous with 80’s&90’s fashion, are a major trend for the summer. be careful wearing these trends though, they have to worn with style in order to make them classy & not look like you’re trapped in a time warp. for denim on denim, never wear all one shade. mix it up with a light wash chambray shirt & dark wash jeans or a white denim jacket with colored denim shorts. make sure the shades are different enough so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit-something i sincerely hope is never ever invented. if you aren’t used to wearing denim except for jeans, you may want to start off wearing a chambray shirt or a denim jacket without denim on bottom & then as you become accustomed try out the denim on denim trend.  now onto neon. to avoid looking like a middle schooler on the way to an 80’s theme dance, you will have to spend more money to get higher quality&classy neon, an essential to avoid looking cheap. this trend, like denim on denim, can be a lot to pull off if you aren’t one to take fashion risks. start off simple with a neon, cross-body bag- a statement piece that is small enough to make any simple t-shirt&jeans look pop. if you’re a fashion risk taker this is your chance to be noticed. a neon body-con dress is sure to grab attention, just be sure you’re ready for such a bold statement. for those of you looking to rock the neon trend at the office or in the classroom; there are numerous accessories that are the perfect addition to any outfit. a skinny neon belt, neon v-neck or a neon bandeau under a white, sleeveless button down are the perfect way to subtly weave in the neon trend. denim-on-denim & neon are going to be huge&fabulous trends this summer, be sure to get in on the fun! just make sure that you wear them correctly to avoid looking like you’re stuck in the 80’s&90’s-that’s a good look for no one. go look gorgeous this summer in these trends!

alexa chung, charlize theron & ashley tisdale all show you how to rock the double denim look without looking like you’re stuck in the 80’s&90’s.

j-lo&leona lewis pull off the neon look, keeping it bold&sexy.

stay fabulous,


summer fest fashion.

coachella, stagecoach, sasquatch, bumbershoot, sxsw. spring&summer are filled with music festivals, every city has their own & every summer they’re filled with the upcoming fashion trends. while most people go to see the music, whether it be indie, country, hip hop or anything else, the people that attend dress with trends you’re bound to see in the seasons to come. department store buyers actually attend music festivals purely for the fashion. this music fest season you’re bound to see crop tops, fringe, denim cut offs, chambray, colored denim & denim jackets. needless to say, stock up on denim essentials before heading to any music festival. listed below are tips on how to achieve your perfect summer music festival look.

option 1: for the understated, kristen stewart wannabe, this is your look. start with the basics: denim cutoffs, a loose boyfriend fit white t-shirt & gladiators.  take this look one step further by wearing colored denim cutoffs.

cutoffs:  billabong, lovvah shorts.

this is a perfect, casual&comfy look-especially if you’ll be outside all day.this is also the perfect outfit to rock the “twenty-something” braid :)

option 2: for the country obsessed, carrie underwood wannabe this is your look. start with your simple: white, cotton sun dress; add a chambray button down & cowboy booties.

chambray shirt:nordstrom, bp.

nordstrom bp is also set to get in some amazing colored chambray shirts this summer that would be perfect to modernize this look.

cowboy booties: dsw.

either leave the chambray shirt open or tie it a la britney spears baby one more time

this is the perfect look for the modern western girl. wear your hair in loose waves & you’re all set.

option 3: the perfect look for the edgy, rhi-rhi wannabe. start with printed denim shorts, white wife beater, denim vest & sandals.

shorts: nordstrom, bp.

nordstrom bp is set to come in with a couple different denim vests in june & they will be absolutely perfect!

shoes wise, either wear flat sandals, or if you’re up to it wedges would complete the look perfectly!

option 4: for the classy, young kate middleton wannabe this is your perfect look. to look adorable&classy at any music fest keep it simple. start with some bright shorts&a basic silky tank.

shorts: nordstrom, bp.

tank: nordstrom, bp.

add some sansals& a simple, long necklace, sleek, basic ponytail & you’re all set!

option 5: for the boho chic, nicole richie wannabe this is your look. start with a hi-lo skirt, the new maxi skirt & all the rage.with a white crochet tank tucked in at the front, paired with some wedges & beachy waves & you’re all set for a day at any music fest.

skirt: nordstrom, bp.

summer music fests are a total blast, both for the music & to spot all the upcoming fashion trends. if you go to a music fest & see some fabulous trends, accessories or styles comment below :)

stay fabulous,


the twenty-something braid.

unless you’re a five year old girl my guess is you haven’t been rocking braids for quite some time. katniss everdeen however, is apparently ahead of the trends. celebs, fashion icons, designers, catholic school girls & everyone in between have brought about the rebirth of the braid. & a normal braid will no longer do. the genius behind the new messy bun is the simplicity to instantly dress it up to beyond sexy, or to dress it down for an actually easy “just rolled out of bed” look. my personal fave would have to be the fishtail braid. i’ve seen it everywhere from the red carpet to classrooms. the simple key is making it messy, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry, or trying it out for the first time. always be sure to pull out a facial framing strands & strands in the braid itself to get a look that can truly go from day to night.

how to:

1. section your hair into 2 even sections.

2. bring a piece of hair from the far left over to the right section of the hair.

3. bring a piece of hair from the far right over to the left section of the hair.

4. repeat steps 2&3 until you’re happy with the braid.

5. mess it up as needed.

while the fishtail is my personal favorite, waterfall braids are perfect to wear with your hair down to have that loved beach ready look. a single french braid will forever be a classic & can look instantly chic with a headband.

helpful hint:  fishtail&french braids are perfect for creating the ever stylish and always craved beach waves.

kim kardashian, leona lewis& ashley tisdale show how to rock the fishtail braid.

stay fabulous,